Juzo: The all-rounder support for everyday life, work and sport

Posted by Made4Fighters on 3rd May 2019

Is your sore knee still getting in the way of playing your favourite sport? Or is that nagging back pain making it difficult to work? Perhaps it's just everyday life taking it's toll. We all need a bit of extra support sometimes, so Juzo may just be what you need to help you get back to your normal active self. 

The Juzo supports adapt to every movement without losing its shape, thereby providing soothing and therapeutically effective support and relief to the area in everyday life, at work, or during sport. 

Created with breathable, temperature-regulating microfibre fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. In addition, there are special comfort stretch zones to guarantee a crease-free and secure hold – even when the joint is bent over 90 degrees.

Check out this Juzo product review by Daniel Lewis, a Roger Gracie BJJ Black Belt.

Made4Fighters currently stocks Juzo supports for the KneeWristAnkleBackElbow. See product descriptions for more information.

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