Effective home gym equipment from Made4Fighters!

Effective home gym equipment from Made4Fighters!

Posted by Made4Fighters on 8th Feb 2017

We’re going to step away from covering all of the goings on from the worlds of MMA and boxing, and focus on something a little bit more personal this time around at Made4Fighters, as we take a look at some key elements of a well-rounded home gym. We’re sure you’ve already had your fill of fad ‘new year’s diets’, and motivational walls of text plastered over a background of a posing Arnold; so let's get straight down to business as we look at a few ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’ for the home gym for combat sports practitioners.

First up, the dreaded medicine balls. They’re the backbone of any training montage worth its salt, and can be used in an endless number of ways - in fact, wisdom has it that the only limitation when it comes to medicine ball training is your own imagination. Whether you choose to twist, chop, drop, squat, lunge or throw; your core will take one hell of a beating; just make sure that your exercises have symmetry so that you’re not over-exerting one side and neglecting another. The Challenge Grip Slam Ball from Century is available in a number of different weights, and guarantees an all-round challenging workout, combining grip-strength with cardio & core training; essential to generating power in your strikes.

Next, it’s time for you to get serious about bringing a BOB home. Whether the standard Century BOB punching bag, BOB Junior or the full-torso BOB XL; if you have the space, this should be a cornerstone of your boxing and MMA workouts. It’s unrivalled in terms of realistic bag training, allowing you to visualise your opponent and practice targeting vulnerable targets at your own pace.

If you haven’t got the room for a BOB, and can’t persuade your better half to give up the dining room for it; there are an array of alternatives when it comes to punch & kick bag training, including the game-changing Aqua Punching Bags:

Aqua Punch Bags are a massive step up from your standard heavy bag in terms of pure realism; and the response you’ll get after striking the bag will be second-to-none. These training bags are going to last the distance whilst also saving your knuckles from long-term damage. This means that working with the Aqua Bag will allow you to safely undertake serious bag training for longer periods of time as so much of the impact is effectively absorbed by the bag.

Cross trainers are an effective way to get your full body working on off days from the gym. These elliptical machines can help improve both your strength and conditioning depending on how they’re used. Increasing resistance can help you work to target weaker muscle areas, while less intense, more rapid movements, can build cardio conditioning and help keep you in shape.

Finally, battle ropes are extremely popular at the moment; harkening back to gladiatorial days and a more primal method of training. Battle Ropes and rope training as a whole will do wonders for your cardio, as well as develop explosive power which is at the heart of boxing & MMA.

We don’t want this just to be a straight up sales pitch, and if you’d be so gracious to share with us any workouts or gym equipment you consider to be absolutely vital, leave us a comment and we’ll make sure to post them for the whole world to see. We also love to interact with fight fans from around the world on social media, so be sure to follow Made4Fighters on Twitter & Facebook via the social buttons below.

It’s back to our regularly scheduled programming in the coming weeks, though; as we look ahead to a couple of blockbuster boxing cards with major British interest, as Anthony Joshua, David Haye and Tony Bellew are in action; whilst Holly Holm will be returning to the Octagon at UFC 208 as she has a date with powerhouse Germaine de Randamie and a chance to end her own 2-fight losing streak.