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Diamond MMA Groin Guards are Indestructible!

Diamond MMA Groin Guards are Indestructible!

Posted by JEB on 5th Nov 2015

Diamond MMA Groin Guards are Indestructible! Well, almost....

The guys who tested this product are brave, but the results speak for themselves! Whilst we wouldn't recommend you try any of these crazy tests at home, cup testers have been kicked in the groin and hit with a metal bar... The cup itself has been run over with a truck and even shot with a 9mm pistol! Check out the video's below of the Diamond Cup in action.

We are happy to announce that we've introduced the the Diamond MMA Groin Guard range to the UK & Europe! These are without doubt the best cup that we've ever tried...

Diamond MMA 4 Strap Groin Guard

Diamond MMA Short and Cup

Available in a Short & Cup style or a more traditional jock. Click Here to buy yours today!