Conor McGregor & UFC Make History at UFC 205

Conor McGregor & UFC Make History at UFC 205

Posted by Made4Fighters on 15th Nov 2016

We know that we’re beginning to sound like a broken record here at Made4Fighters, hailing each UFC event as groundbreaking and spectacular, but we really have been spoiled by a run of absolutely superb shows in the last 12 months - and we’ve still got UFC 206 and UFC 207 to look forward to before the year is out. UFC 205 was a phenomenal show which definitely delivered on the hype it promised. UFC 205, Alvarez Vs. McGregor, from the world’s most famous arena - Madison Square Garden, featured a number of outstanding fights and hellacious knockouts. We’re going to run you through the main event that has everybody talking, as well as a look at the rest of the UFC 205 card.

UFC 205 Results

On the night the UFC returned to New York for the first time in over 19 years, Conor McGregor was looking to make his own history in the main event, gunning to become the very first fighter in UFC history to hold two titles from different weight classes at once. McGregor walked in to UFC 205 as the reigning UFC Featherweight Champion; and backed himself to take out Eddie Alvarez to be crowned as the new king of the UFC Lightweight division. He didn’t just take out Alvarez, he dominated him throughout the better part of two rounds - making Alvarez, who’s definitely no slouch, look beneath him.

McGregor made it look comfortable and dropped Alvarez twice in the first round; finishing things with a nasty left swipe and a flourish of blows to force the stoppage. It was a fairly hasty stoppage, but there’s no doubt that if the fight wasn’t stopped then and there, it was only postponing a very painful inevitable for Alvarez. In truth, it was easy; and McGregor was able to make his dream a reality by taking his place in UFC history as a simultaneous UFC Featherweight & UFC Lightweight champion.

Post-fight McGregor took it to another level and pumped up the already frenzied MSG crowd to another level, demanding that he’s brought his second belt (to which the capacity crowd chanted “where’s the belt?”). McGregor’s no stranger to the world of professional wrestling, and cut a pitch-perfect babyface promo, calling out his love for his fans and stating that he “doesn’t have to apologise to nobody for nothing as the double-champ”.

This could easily have been mistaken for an interview with Steve Austin (‘Stone Cold’ not Lee Majors) and It’s certainly worth watching if you haven’t already checked it out:

In the other headline bouts, Tyron Woodley and Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson clashed in a tremendous bout which lasted the distance and was also the subject of a frustrating error by New York’s State Athletic Commission. The fight was originally awarded via split-decision to the incumbent UFC Welterweight Champion Woodley; before it was later announced that the fight had infact been judged as a majority draw (47-47, 47-47 and 48-47 Woodley) - leaving Woodley with his belt, but without the decisive W.

Post-fight farce aside, it was one hell of a fight and will be mentioned at the end of the year as being amongst the most watchable of the year. Woodley began strong with a solid takedown and earned the lion’s share of the first round, before former world kickboxing champion, ‘Wonderboy’, landed a couple of shots, including a vicious spin kick, and took rounds 2 & 3 whilst Woodley looked to be out of ideas as we moved into the fourth. Woodley had other ideas and decimated Thompson in round 4, completely reversing the momentum of the fight, with two flattening punches and a guillotine attempt, with Thompson narrowly escaping and survived into the final round. After the barnstorming fourth round, both fighters were much more tentative, with Woodley definitely reeling from fatigue and Thompson looking the stronger to end the fight - earning himself the draw.

Another of the night’s main event clashes also went the distance, with an all-Polish fight between the unstoppable Joanna Jędrzejczyk and Karolina Kowalkiewicz. The pair had history going into UFC 205, with Jedrzejczyk coming out on top of an amateur bout between the two way back in March of 2012. It was to be the same outcome for Jędrzejczyk as she was a class above Kowalkiewicz, despite dealing with a possible broken-nose in the first round, which was acknowledged by the UFC Women's Strawweight Champion after the fight "I wasn't hurt that badly, but you never expect the knockdown, you know?"

It lasted five rounds to the credit of Kowalkiewicz, who showed resilience to stand toe-to-toe with the division’s best, and has got years to hone her craft, but it wasn’t to be on this night as Jędrzejczyk put on a clinic to earn successful title defense via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46 and 49-46).

Below are the results for the remaining main card fights (make sure you find a way to watch Romero’s incredible knockout of Weidman), as well as the best of the bunch from UFC 205’s undercard:

Yoel Romero defeated Chris Weidman via TKO in Round 3
Raquel Pennington defeated Miesha Tate via unanimous decision


Frankie Edgar defeated Jeremy Stephens via unanimous decision
Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Michael Johnson via Submission in Round 3
Jim Miller defeated Thiago Alves via unanimous decision

Historic night for the UFC at MSG

Dana White and the UFC were celebrating a massively important milestone as the UFC returned to New York for the first time in 19 years (dating back to UFC 7 in 1995) after a ban on the sport was overturned earlier this year. Back in April, current day Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill which would essentially legalise the UFC in the state, placing them under the control of the New York State Athletic Commission and end a decade-long fight to overturn a 19-year ban.

To give a little bit of context to the initial outlawing of the sport in the state; Senator Roy Goodman captained the legislation to outlaw the sport of MMA through Congress likening the burgeoning UFC to “human cockfighting” and in particular singled out the devastating “karate chop” as a move that could corrupt the youth of the day and threaten the fabric of society. To his credit, Goodman did also cite the “head butt” as another disgraceful maneuver utilised by these street brawlers, which the UFC themselves would go on to outlaw within the same year.

It’s obviously fantastic news for fight fans on the East Coast, as MSG is surely set to have a lengthy and prosperous relationship with the UFC in years to come.

Who should McGregor’s next opponent be? We’re already salivating at the prospect of a fight between the Irishman and the currently undefeated Russian, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Is there anybody else credible enough to face McGregor? Let us know your thoughts by getting in touch with Made4Fighters on social media, or by leaving a comment below.

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