The Ultimate BJJ Gear Starter Pack: Everything You Need To Master the Mat

The Ultimate BJJ Gear Starter Pack: Everything You Need To Master the Mat

Posted by Jacob Edwards-Bytom on 20th Sep 2021

Putting together your BJJ gear is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Any BJJ athlete, professional or beginner, requires a set of BJJ gear for training. Whether you’ve been introduced to BJJ by an inspiring video or through a fellow athlete, you will need the best gear you can afford to begin the journey of a BJJ fighter.

BJJ is one of the fastest-growing fighting arts in the world. As with any sport, there is a lot to learn when first practicing BJJ. We will try to cover all the essential gear that will allow you to train smoothly and in style.

Rash Guards

Rash guards

Rash guards are crucial for several reasons. BJJ rash guards are made from moisture-wicking material that draws moisture away from the body, allowing sweat to evaporate so that you stay cool. This material also provides thermal insulation so that air flows around your arms and torso, even under your Gi. Rash guards also prevent skin-to-skin contact, which keeps you safe from skin diseases, like ringworms.


Mouth guards

Mouth protection is of utmost importance in a contact sport like BJJ. While training and competing, you should use as much protection as your BJJ gearwill allow. Although the main goal in BJJ is not to strike, accidents can still happen. If you fall while training, you may injure yourself if you lack protection or are in a vulnerable position.

A high-quality mouthguard prevents injuries to your mouth and teeth, keeping you protected throughout your training session. Using a mouthguard will offer you protection when you roll, or if you fall, during practice. There are a variety of mouthguards, ranging from rubber to thermoplastic materials. Before purchasing a mouthguard, research materials and choose the right fit for you.

Groin guards

Groin guards

Groin guards, or cups, are a personal choice in BJJ. Some people prefer to wear a cup whilst training, others do not. With the wide variety of styles found in BJJ, some techniques can increase your chances of injury due to a lack of groin guard. If you wear a groin guard during BJJ, you should ensure that it is strong and can protect you from injuries. Be mindful that wearing a groin guard in BJJ can cause discomfort if it digs into your groin, especially when you are on your back. Wearing only a cup—without a groin protector—can harm your training partner, too. It is often best to wear a groin guard with a cup, so invest in a piece with a function sleeve for the cup.



A BJJ Gi, also known as a kimono, is one of the essential parts of your BJJ gear. You will need this outfit when training for BJJ. A Gi includes a jacket, trousers, and a belt. You can also wear a rash guard for extra protection under your Gi top.

When looking for a Gi, you have a lot of options, so choosing the best one can be difficult. You should look for a well-fitted BJJ Gi that is specifically made for Jiu-Jitsu.

The BJJ Gi has a specific thickness and design. Other Gis, like those made for karate, maybe too thin, and Judo Gis can be too baggy. A Gi designed specifically for BJJ will have the strength to endure rigorous training while providing a fit that minimizes your chances of being gripped or falling.

You can get your BJJ Gi as a set of trousers and jackets, but you may have to purchase the belt separately. Also, you can find Jiu-Jitsu gis in a range of colors like white, blue, black, grey, yellow, orange, red, and even camouflage.

While most clubs don’t have any preference of color and allow almost all Gis, you should still talk with your instructor before buying one for training. Most beginners go for white colors, as it is the legal color for official IBJJF tournament rules. You should always buy your BJJ Gi in your size, as a bigger size can increase the chance of an accident. Make sure to check the size chart before placing your order online.



If you want extra protection under your BJJ Gi, then you will need something protective and flexible. Enter spats. These skin-tight stretchy leggings are the perfect extra layer of protection for use under a traditional BJJ Gi. You can wear spats, which are made from a combination of nylon, polyester, and spandex, under your Gi shorts and trousers. You can find spats in both simple and colorful designs, constructed for both men and women. Spats can be worn during both Gi and No-Gi training sessions.

Grappling Partner

Grappling dummies

Grappling dummies are good alternatives to a live partner during certain training sessions. These dummies can be used to grapple with and allow you to hone your skills. You can find grappling dummies in a variety of weights, shapes, and sizes. Depending on your needs, you can find grappling dummies that are simple bags, or even more humanoid dummies with structured arms and legs. You can also find grappling dummies that come with straps for hoisting them in one place, keeping them fixed while you practice your moves and kicks.


Wearing shoes on the mat is not allowed in BJJ and keeping the mat clean is a priority. To ensure that you don’t bring dust and dirt with you onto the mat, consider flip-flops. These sandals can be easily worn and taken off, while allowing your feet to breathe.


Just as getting the top coaching is important for advancing your fighting career, investing in the right protective gear, clothing and equipment will help you stay injury-free so that you can become a better athlete. Having quality protective BJJ accessories will keep you safe and allow you to perform your best. High-quality gear designed specifically for BJJ will outlast and outperform everything else.

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