An introduction to Hykso

An introduction to Hykso

Posted by Byron on 21st Jul 2017

We see many new products come into the market here at  Made4Fighters. Some of them can even end up becoming an industry standard (like the ever popular Aqua Training Bags). Hykso Punch Trackers arrived at Made4Fighters HQ last week, we think they are very much here to stay.

What is Hykso?

Hykso is a set of 2 small, wearable devices, which you put under your hand wraps when training, to track your punches. The trackers use Bluetooth to send all of the data they collect to your smartphone. This gives you access, via the Hykso app, to very detailed statistics based on your performance.

What are the benefits?

Tracking your punches with  Hykso allows you to view your punch output, in real time and measure your daily, weekly and monthly progression. You can use this information to see how you compare to other fighters, which will help identify your strengths and weaknesses. With free updates for life, as Hykso develop the app further, you will have access to any new features as they become available. 

Are they easy to use?

You simply install the trackers on the top of your wrists, underneath 2 or more wraps of your hand wraps and you're good to go!  Hykso trackers are water tight, so even in your heaviest workouts - they are fully sweatproof. The trackers are autonomous, so once the session is started, all of the information is captured within the trackers and will download once back in range of the phone. This gives you freedom to move round the gym and still track all of your punches. 

What's the technical stuff?

Hykso punch trackers offer a super efficient battery, they will give you around 10 hours of continuous use on a full charge and only take 1 hour to fully recharge. The processor, evaluates 6 degrees of motion hundreds of times a second. All calculations, for each punch will be done in under 100ms - ideal for those fast jabs. Hykso will remove motions it doesn't consider punches, such as jumping jacks and skipping rope exercises, keeping your data as accurate as possible.

Who's using it? 

Many high profile, professional fighters are already taking advantage of  Hykso. A quick glance on Facebook or Instagram, will show you people the likes of Daniel Cormier are already using and promoting this handy training aid.

Sounds good, can I see it in action?

Sure, check out this full demonstration video by  Hykso here