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BJJ Belts

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BJJ Belts are an essential part of a BJJ practitioner’s uniform; worn with a gi, they are milestones of achievement and a way to represent both success, as well as and current level of attainment through training. Our BJJ belts are designed in accordance with IBJJF specifications, and are solidly constructed to the very highest standards. Here at Made4Fighters, you can shop for superb Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belts from Scramble, Hayabusa, Tatami Fightwear and Fumetsu.

A look at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) belt ranking order system

Combat sports will often have their own ranking system and hierarchy, and this system is in place to signify and illustrate a fighter’s knowledge, experience and ability in the respective sport. One of the more commonly utilised methods of displaying a fighter’s rank, is through coloured belts. The black belt is synonymous with being the most common ‘highest ranking’ belt, and whilst this is also the case with BJJ Belts, additional ranks do exist - although they are generally reserved for those who have made a significant impact in the sport itself. In addition to this, the 10th degree red belt is an award which has currently only been awarded to the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the revered Gracie brothers. The BJJ ranking system shares much of its structure with that of Judo, sharing the same origins. However, the BJJ belt structure has its own distinct features such as: a division between youth and adult divisions, a more liberal use of stripes and degrees, coupled with a more conservative approach to belt promotion and advancement - the awardance of BJJ belts is more in line with a focus on competitive ability and demonstration.

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