Bad Boy MMA Ear Guard


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The Bad Boy Ear Guard is designed with strengthened plastic ear cups and ultra soft cotton interior fabric to deliver the perfect balance between high protection and comfort.

Its smooth exterior lining minimizes the abrasion and painful chafing sensation, which could bother your training partner, improving your fighting experiences

Engineered for MMA, Grappling and BJJ training, the Bad Boy Ear Guard features specific holes in order to ease the listening of your coach advices and requests.

Its fully adjustable 3 straps protection system offers optimal adjustability for a secure coverage, ensuring minimal movements during groundwork.



  • Helps prevent common injuries such as cauliflower ears
  • Hardened ear cups
  • Sleek, light design offering ultimate comfort
  • High level of protection for the ears whilst grappling
  • Velcro fasteners


 Why use ear guards:

Impact to the outer ear may damage drainage causing accumulation of blood. The blood clot bloats up the ear, distorting it. A certain layer of the ear (the perichondrium to you eggheads) is separated from the cartilage. This prevents nutrition of the cartilage and its death, resulting in permanent ear deformation.

Ear guards help to prevent potentially ear-deforming trauma, more commonly known ascauliflower ears, in order to maintain the highest level of Martial Arts performance without aesthetic dilemma.