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Adidas Performance Weightlifting Belt

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Adidas Performance Weightlifting Belt. Created to amplify your squats and deadlifts, the Performance Belt stabilises the core with greater support and strength to push towards your elite.

Made from ventilated 8 mm foam, the belt’s breathable mesh encases a compressive core; keeping you cool when the heat is on. Created with a dual-tapered design and strong Velcro strap, the belt’s iron buckle fastening levers your fit for an anchored brace and total performance; forging your next PB with every rep.

  • Ventilated 8mm foam: With a breathable design to keep you cool, the belt’s ventilated foam and cushioned mesh lining encourage maximum airflow.
  • Compressive core: Featuring a dense compressive core, the Performance Belt combines comfort with rigidity to support your lifts whilst minimising irritation.
  • Wide Velcro strap: Designed with a strong Velcro strap, the wider belt offers total support and stability through maximum surface contact.
  • Iron fastening: Fitted with a robust iron loop and seamless roller, the belt’s strap is easily levered into position for maximum abdominal pressure and lumbar support.
  • Stitched rounded edging: Durably bound by a stitched edging, the Performance Belt is built to last as you drive towards your next previous best.
  • 1-year warranty: Complete with a 1-year warranty, the Performance Belt is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect.