8 Weapons

8 Weapons Big 8 Premium Boxing Gloves

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The 8 WEAPONS Big 8 boxing gloves are premium boxing gloves "Handmade in Thailand".

Very thick leather and stable seams create a resilient boxing glove that will be your loyal companion in your training forever. Manufactured in a factory where high quality gloves have been manufactured for decades, and are constantly used in the major boxing stadiums in Thailand. The cushioning of the boxing glove is perfectly designed and offers a very pleasant feel. The beautiful logo patch is a visual highlight and the shiny seams ensure a high-quality finish.

The inside handle bar is more pronounced than with other boxing gloves and creates a stable fit of the glove. The hand is very firmly inside and offers a secure hold with all stroke variations. The wide Velcro fastener secures the glove tightly on the wrist. The very compact boxing gloves are perfect for clinching with gloves. The thumb is sewn on and offers optimal grip with injury protection. The firm padding on the edge of the hand makes kicks bounce off easily.
The boxing gloves are suitable for all sports in which striking techniques are used, such as boxing, Muay Thai, kick boxing, etc.

  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Leather
  • Secure wrist fastening
  • Firm padding on edge of hand
  • Suitable for a variety of combat sports such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Kick Boxing etc.


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