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8 Weapons Big 8 Kick Pads

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8 WEAPONS BIG 8 claws made of genuine leather. High quality kick pads made in Thailand.

These claws are made for daily & hard use in martial arts studios. Manufactured by a well-known manufacturer in which premium Muay Thai equipment has been produced for decades .

The upper is made of 100% high quality cowhide and is perfect, as it is a thick and stable leather. Two adjustable Velcro straps ensure the claw is held securely in place. A comfortable handle bar is firmly attached to the claw for guidance. This enables the stopping person to work optimally and gives perfect feedback in all training situations.

The entire claw is slightly curved. The seams in the hit area are hidden and thus create a very pleasant kick. The claws have our distinctive BIG 8 print on one claw and a small logo 8 WEAPONS is applied on the other claw.

The damping is very firm at the beginning and works in over time and becomes a little softer. This is a quality factor for all good braces.

  • Made in Thailand
  • Leather
  • Available in two sizes
  • Delivered as a pair