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8 Weapons Big 8 Belly Pad

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8 WEAPONS BIG 8 belly belts for partner training.

A belly belt enables a varied workout, in which punches and kicks to the body can be trained. The 8 WEAPONS abdominal pad is attached with a Velcro fastener and sits firmly in place during training. The Velcro fastener is applied to the entire surface of the tabs, which has the advantage that the abdominal protector fits almost all body types. The belt is quickly put on or taken off with the Velcro .

Our belly belt is made of high quality cowhide and is made for the purpose, as it is a thick and stable leather. The padding is tight and prevents punches or kicks from getting through to the body. Nothing stands in the way of long and intensive training.

The sides of the upholstery are equipped with white target areas and extra padding. Body strokes can be trained realistically and precisely . The front is printed with our well-known BIG 8. A small woven label is also sewn on. Small 8 WEAPONS logos are applied to the side surfaces.

The belt is the perfect complement for partner training in Thai boxing, kick boxing or MMA.

  • Leather
  • Fits almost all body types
  • Perfect for Muay Thai, Kick Boxing or MMA partner training